Sizzling Shortcuts

SizzlingKeysWhile I think about it, I need to make a note of SizzlingKeys.

I’ve been using it for ages to start and stop iTunes with a shortcut, no matter which application I’m currently actually working in.  It’s very useful when working on something and you need to quickly pause the tunes to chat to a colleague or answer the phone.

However, it’s also the only way I’ve found of setting Ctrl + Alt + Del on a mac to help lock the screen and start the screensaver.

If you’ve followed guides such as OSXDaily or TekRevue to set up a shortcut to start the screensaver, then great.  If you use e.g. Ctrl + Alt + L or similar for lock screen, you’re sorted and probably not even reading this post.

However, if like me you quite like the ol’ school Ctrl + Alt + Del then you’ll know that the Mac keyboard shortcuts preferences won’t let you assign anything containing Del to the Automator thing you’ve set up.

Enter SizzlingKeys.  In the Extras tab you can set a shortcut to Activate screen saver, and it’ll let you use my favourite.

SizzlingKeys extras