Joomla – Simple Image Gallery

This article is more for my own information as a reminder, but if it helps anybody else too then that’s a bonus.

While working on a new Joomla site (v3) I moved a working local (MAMP) site to the hosting company ( in this case) and found that the front-end no longer ran – although I could still log in to the backend.  The error didn’t give much of a clue, and although 34sp were helpful, the issue didn’t seem to be with the setup at their end.

Joomla Simple Image Gallery Error
Joomla Simple Image Gallery Error
XML Parsing Error: no element found
Location: [url of page]
Line Number 1, Column 1:

So what was the problem – why would the site work on one hosting system, but not another.  Well, although this isn’t definitive, the issue appeared to be with a Joomla plugin by JoolmaWorks called Simple Image Gallery.  While I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with the plugin, simply disabling it in Extensions > Plugin Manager solved the issue.

Maybe it was an incompatibility between that plugin on that system, or a combination of a couple of plugins on that system, but nothing else that I disabled instead seemed to solve the issue.

In this case I therefore used a different plugin to do basically the same job: Kubik-Rubik Simple Image Gallery Extended.  It uses the same shortcodes that I was already using, e.g.


and doesn’t cause the site to stop working!


When using the Simple Image Gallery Extended, there is an plugin option for when it displays the original image in a lightview way to ‘Resize Images’ – if this is used (set to ‘yes’) then the same error occurs.  The work-around at the moment is not to use this option and upload smaller images in the first place.